Principal's Message

Principal’s Message:

I am extremely happy to announce the launch of website for the State Model Institute for Ayurveda Sciences, Kolavada, Gandhinagar, Gujarat State. The institute shall leave no stone unturned to fulfil its vision and mission which is dedicated to Ayurveda education and research. The present intake capacity of 60 shall be increased to the full potential of this institute for 100 seats. The State Model Institute for Ayurveda Sciences, Kolavada, Gandhinagar expects the support of all the stakeholders to make this institute numero-uno in the Ayurveda world. Thus, it aspires to be a role model with the valuable guidance and support from all the corners of society which is the ultimate beneficiary.

Dr. Sweety Ruparel

State Model Institute of Ayurveda Sciences, Kolavada, Gandhinagar

Reg. no - GBI-12108

DOB- 26/06/1973

DOJ- 28/11/2019

Mo- 8320940566 / 9429202048

Email -

Add-  P7, avani bungolws, budhhisagar soceity, vastrapur, Ahemdabad.

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