Research Works


Research at SMIAS, Gandhinagar covers a wide diapason and is inspired by both real world health challenges, issues of basics and most recent advancements in Ayurveda. Being interdisciplinary is a core principle and our work generally involves researchers from various disciplines and integrating seamlessly to work concertedly and progress beyond correctional dimension. Our team of researchers comprises of faculty members, medical officers, visiting doctors, graduates and undergraduate scholars who unite with each other on exploratory system of Ayurveda in the institute. "The best reserach will give the best teaching and the best teaching will give the best Research" - APJ Abdul Kalam .       So, research is best for medical fraternity and for human beings. Our ambitious growth plans and inclusive culture is open to embrace the best talent, skills and all the medical academic minds out there to join and thrive at SMIAS. 

Research Works  


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