Garbhadhana Samskara

Garbhadhana Nasya 

Garbhadhana Nasya is an ayurvedic procedure in which ayurvedic herbs like Vatashunga are used for preparation of drug for Nasya. It is done in women who want to conceive as preconceptional care (Garbhadhana Samskara), suffering from infertility (Vandhyatva), Repeated abortions (Garbhapata) and in pregnant women also to prevent Garbhasrava in early pregnancy or to maintain pregnancy. Garhadhana Nasya is done on every Pushya Nakshatra as told by Acharyas in Ayurveda as well as for getting its excellent health benefits. 

Upcoming Dates of Garbhadhana Nasya in 2023 (Pushya Nakshatra days)

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